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The Reston Planning & Zoning Committee

The primary purpose of the Reston Planning and Zoning Committee is to provide a vehicle whereby the community can ensure that the development of Reston as a planned residential community (PRC) follows the founding principles. Its primary focus is the appropriate development of land use within the legal constraints of the PRC Town Center, county and state ordinances, bylaws, and laws. The P&Z Committee is an advisory body without statutory authority; however, it is looked to and listened to by local government authorities for its opinions and advice on land use matters. Currently the P&Z is authorized to be made up of fifteen (15) members. The bylaws establish staggered lengths of service and the work is voluntary. There is a vital need for community input into the continuing development and redevelopment of Reston. There is an equally important need to ensure that development organizations be treated with consideration to their resources and rights. While the initial residential development activity is fairly complete, future actions will more probably focus on redevelopment activity. The development of commercial/industrial space will require more detailed attention.

Community awareness and interest, plus accurate and timely information, are necessary for the orderly development, and now, redevelopment of Reston. Members of the community that have questions or opinions on an application being reviewed by P&Z are encouraged to present their questions and opinions to the Committee for its consideration. The Planning and Zoning Committee can and should continue to serve as a valuable resource for citizen input and opinion on land use matters brought before it for consideration.

The Committee has established relationships with several departments of Fairfax County that deal with land use matters. These include the departments of Planning, Zoning, the Planning Commissioner and the County Supervisor for the Hunter Mill District. Occasionally members attend hearings of various County Boards to deliver the official opinion of the P&Z Committee with respect to the matter under consideration. The Committee also strives for close working relationships with other community organizations that have an interest in matters concerned with land use.